Live in the moment now. Let us capture it for you. We promise to give it back later.
We are ready to take the moments that make up your life pour them through the filter of our creative minds, and fill up your glass of memories.
It's in our name. On your wedding day we will capture it and make it a memory for your future you will be able to hold as your adventure continues together.

A little about us.

The Dream Client: A couple that when we walk into the room we are treated as new friends, but when we leave we feel like old friends; the kind of friendship that builds up a strong trust. We want the couple to know we have their memories in good hands so they can relax and live in the moment.

Point of Difference: Not only do we want to be your friend, we want to be your photographers new buddy as well. We are all on the same team to give you the best memory of your day. Also at the end of the night do not be surprised if we set the camera down and dance or faces off for a song or two.

Style of Shooting: We keep it real. Yes, we want to be there when you are creating memories, but we are not in the business of creating them for you. This is your day not our film set. We hear the music of the day, and shoot to match. Ceremony, Toasts, and your first dance are shot from as many angles as we can handle, while allowing your friends and family to still have a great view.

Pricing: When it comes to cost of our services, we like to open a conversation with couples. Typically our packages vary between $1900 and $3000.That being said: Do you have a wedding on an offseason day? Getting married on the moon? There are many ways we can work out a price that can work for you.

What we offer: We get there when you want us to. Usually sometime while you are getting ready, but are already camera ready. We film your day capturing as much as we can and need to create your memory. We deliver your DVD(s) and a digital download version of The full ceremony, your first dance, the speeches, and a highlight film of the day.